Teachable Tips Tricks and Workarounds

Advanced Teachable Tips, Hacks, and Workarounds I’ve Had to Figure Out

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In this post I’m going to keep notes on all of the advanced teachable development tricks that I’ve had to learn while developing courses and schools on the teachable platform.

While they have a great learning management system, their front end page builder leaves something to be desired.

This post is mainly for my own reference but I’m sure it’ll help you as well.

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Ok here we go:


How to manage a teachable affiliate program with an external sales page on a different domain

Because their page editor is just ok, I want to build out sales pages and a school on another domain and then just send them to teachable to checkout.

This causes a problem for affiliate links and tracking which is one of the best features about Teachable. So this workaround will make it all come together. I asked teachable support about this and here’s how it can be done.

Here’s what I got from Teachable Support:

“While it is not possible to generate these links on the owner’s side, it is possible on the affiliate’s side! They can do this by logging into their Affiliate dashboard in your school and scrolling down to the Link Generator at the bottom of the dashboard. Here they can insert the link you provided, and it will generate a version of the link with their affiliate code attached.

To allow affiliates to create affiliate links using external links, make sure you have this option enabled in your school. You can do this in the Settings > General section of your school admin, as shown here:


For more information about the Affiliate dashboard, check out this Knowledge Base article:

Affiliate Dashboard

Regarding the affiliate attributions for sales, as long as the affiliate is set up to receive commission for both courses included on the external page, the affiliate will receive attribution for sales after a user clicks the link with the affiliate code attached.

On Teachable, a cookie is created whenever a user clicks an affiliate link, regardless of whether or not they purchase the course at that moment. This cookie is valid for the “cookie period” (as determined by the school owner), or until the user’s browser cache is cleared.

In practical terms, this means that even if someone clicks an affiliate’s link, leaves the site, and returns to purchase later—the sale will still be counted towards the affiliate (as long as the user is on the same device and browser, has not cleared their cache, and is within the cookie period).

You can learn more about school affiliates in this Knowledge Base article:

School Affiliates

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions on this matter!”


How To Redirect Any Page On Teachable

I learned a really cool trick from someone on the internet the other day. In order to redirect any page, all you have to do is remove all the blocks in the page builder except for 1 HTML block.

In that HTML block you drop this code in:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=https://NEWURL" />

All credit goes to Erin Gibson. Check her out!