Pensado Notes

In my forever quest to make high quality music, I’ve decided to start watching every Pensado’s place to soak up all the information I can from the best producers in the world. In this post I’m going to take notes on every episode I watch.

Hopefully you find my notes helpful and I’ll drop any and all link that might be useful as well. When possible, I will be dropping in Amazon affiliate links to help feed my baby boy!

Ok, here we go!

Ricky Reed – Episode 323

  • How do you make space: Don’t add pads everywhere, it’s like a big cloud on a sunny day.
  • Complete scene changes, three sounds in part A and totally different 3 sounds in part B
  • He’s a big preset guy
  • Loves how there’s huge stories of major songs being made with stock drum loops.
  • His first instruments are Pro Tools and drum machines followed by Bass guitar.
  • What are the advantages found with collaboration:
    • Chance Situations
    • Makes the wins sweeter and the losses not so bad
    • Like having a team of fun people around
  • The number one tool of his with songwriting is creating a comfortable but vulnerable space. The stress and anxiety that you feel, if you use it correctly and let it rise up inside of you, can be one of your greatest assets.
  • Where do you get inspiration from? You can only write todays song. If you do that it will be something authentic and great.
  • Now he’s trying to go deeper lyrically and use storytelling in a deeper level rather than just the simplest pop lyrics.
  • The future: he’s trying to build a label because he’s made too many songs that went back to the label and they created ridiculous marketing videos etc.

Batter’s Box:
Virtual Synthesizers: Sad – Explanation: When he’s cranking in the studio and he’s blocked, he’ll turn on virtual synths to see what the problem is. (not sure on the spelling of all these) Chot lombardi, Folk Tek, Korg Kiwi 6, Emu planet phat, Tasty Chips GR1 granular synth.

The bridge of a song: Should be the part that your mom or dad says “this is my favorite part.”

Favorite tempo: 96

Loops: Love
Writer’s Block: solar plexus actual anxiety

808s: Warmth, happiness

Desert island equipment: Elektron rhythm mark II

What does he listen to: White noise Charlie Brown Christmas, Rap Caviar