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Rainey Street

Like many of my friends, I’ve spent many great nights on Rainey Street in Austin, Texas. If you’re looking for songs about Austin Texas then this is for you.

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Rainey Street by Ross O Brown

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We drove to a house, and pulled up on the yard
paid a man 5 dollars so we could park the car
He said take a look at Rainey Street cause it ain’t gonna last
they’re tearing down the houses and building way too fast

We stumble in the street and the cars always stop
Most bars don’t really care if you smoke a little pot
All the girls are beautiful and they travel in large groups
They all end up at the Lustre Pearl spinning hula hoops

The sky is falling on Rainey Street the sky is falling on Rainey Street
It’s an empty bottle of spirit a 20 dollar bill, that’s turning obsolete
The sky is falling down, down on Rainey Street, the sky is falling down
Down on Rainey Street

Now a few years have passed and the Lustre Pearl is gone
Scrolling through my phone, I found this old song
So here’s to Rainey Street it’ll always live on
But if you want to go there you’ll have to listen to this song