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Violin Covers of Ed Sheeran Songs

When we were traveling through Australia and New Zealand, Ed Sheeran released his new album Divide. From that moment on, we heard this album playing everywhere we went.

I’ve been taking my time and producing covers from this album as we’ve been traveling so please take a listen and share me with your friends.

So far I’ve done Dive, Galway Girl, and New Man is coming up next.

Galway Girl

Being a fiddle player with an Irish background, I had no choice but to cover this song. It’s an amazing piece of music and it was fun to learn it.

I started with a beat in logic then added bass, guitar, and fiddle.

We filmed it in Helena, Montana in my mom’s horse pasture!


This was my first attempt ever at producing a track like this. I put the song into Logic and re-created it exactly to a click. Then I learned and overdubbed every part and performed it live on video.

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The Mann Gulch Fire

Back in 1949, near Helena Montana, thirteen smokejumpers died when the winds changed on The Mann Gulch fire and trapped them on the mountain.

I first heard this story when I was in Business school at Montana State where they taught us how to avoid the communication problems that went wrong that day.

I later learned that the man who wrote A River Runs Through It, Norman Maclean, wrote a book about this story as well. The book is called Young Men and Fire and you can check it out HERE.

I wrote my Mann Gulch Fire song after being inspired by that book and I recommend it to lots of people. If you’re interested in the origin of this song, see the video I released a long time ago, below.

For more information on The Mann Gulch fire click here.


Austin Texas Wedding Violinist For Hire

I started playing the fiddle when I was 5 years old, and from then on, people have always asked me to play for their wedding. Because I am an Austin, Texas based musician and violinist I’ve had the opportunity to play at beautiful weddings across the state but I’ve even traveled as far away as La Joya, California to perform.

The most popular and beautiful wedding processional song to be played on the violin (in my opinion) is Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. This is what most brides choose as their walking down the aisle song.

In addition to this, I normally perform some slow pieces more on the country side such as Ashokan’s Farewell made popular by Jay Ungar and Ookpik Watlz. People love these songs and they always bring a tear to grandma’s eye, that’s how you know they’re good.


If you’re looking for wedding musicians in the Austin area then  shoot me an email and I’d love to hear about your event. I can provide a small P.A. system and would love to perform for your procession and cocktail hour.

For booking inquiries email booking@rossobrown.com




My Montana


 This song is pretty self explanatory, I’m from Montana, and I love it there. I miss home a lot and whenever I do, I can go to this song and feel a lot of comfort.

This song started as a beat in Logic pro and I started playing chords and eventually put words to it. I let myself freestyle the words one day and I just naturally started singing about Montana, it must be divine.