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Native America


I don’t have any Native American origins, I just really love their culture. The way Native Americans lived seems much more pure, and much more in touch with spirit. I truly do love Native America which is why I wrote this song about it.

We live a very “paleo” life here in Austin and it feels much more healthy and grounding than the way I lived in my younger days. We’re constantly trying to devolve in certain areas of life to get back in touch and become more grounded.

Let’s all focus on more god made things like art, rather than man made things like fear. Click HERE to download this track.



I love Native America, Before the white men came
I love Native America, It’s still beautiful but not the same

There’s wild horses on the wind, nobody to fence them in
All the rivers are flowing free, don’t need no damn electricity
There’s no houses no streets no cars, no lights drowning out the stars
My campfire keeps me warm, the sun and the birds wake me up in the morn


Just imagine what you’d see, lots more buffalo lots more teepees
June mountaintops covered in snow, neon green the grass gets to grow
Just imagine what you’d hear, purse silence no more fear
Just the sound of your beating heart or an old love song from a meadowlark


A spirit journey off you go, claim your spot on the totem pole
find the warrior deep inside, come take a hit from the old peace pipe
Now dance everybody lets make it rain, wash away all the pain
All together now thunder clap raise your bow and your arrow if you want to go back