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The Complete Buyers Guide To Used Pelican Cases

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Everyone knows Pelican cases are amazing. Pushing your high-value gear into that foam for safekeeping is one of the best feelings one can have.

In this post, you’ll find a full list of where to buy used Pelican cases so we can save money and still keep our gear safe while traveling.

If you know of any other places that I’ve missed here, please leave it in the comments and I’ll add it to the post for people to use.

Ok here we go:

Where to buy used Pelican cases online

Musicians love pelican cases so naturally you can find a lot of them for sale on used equipment websites like Reverb. Of all the resources here, Reverb might have the best selection.

Another place you can find discounted pelican cases is on Amazon Warehouse. You might not know it but Amazon has a ‘warehouse’ department with gear that has maybe been used, slightly damaged, or has damaged packaging.

This is a good place to look after Reverb.

The following locations are a little harder to find what you need but worth a look:

Satphone Outfitters


You should also definitely look on Facebook marketplace, Ebay, and Letgo.


Let me know if you have other places that sell used pelican cases and I’ll add them here!